Also known as a haku or lei po’o, these head adornments seem to be very popular at the moment. Normally its traditional to receive one for graduation, weddings and birthdays. But lately I have seen them at baby’s blessings, bachelorette parties and concerts.

Just to be clear, let it be known there is a difference between a flower crown and a haku, according to my dear friend Ku’ulani, and its in the way you wear it. Flower crowns are at the highest point on your forehead and slightly swoop down int he back and hakus are just the opposite, they should be worn slightly higher in the back.

Do these flowers look familiar? This is me in action making a flower crown/haku with flowers and leaves from my backyard and neighborhood that we used for our photo shoot! Check out our “About” page and see the finished product!

This was a little teaser…Keep an eye out for my DIY haku crown coming soon!!

Me ka hau’oli (with happiness),


The Original Flower Crown
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