IMG_6672While it may seem that Hawaii only has one season all year long, those of us who have lived here or grown up here know that summer definitely brings with it some of our favorite fruits.  And, we can only hope that if we don’t have a yard with either a mango, apple banana, lychee or even avocado tree, then we know someone who does and is willing to share the bounty!
Uncle Mikey of Uncle Mikey’s Dried Fruit first moved to Kauai in 1970 with a one way plane ticket gifted to him as a high school graduation present from his Dad.  Little did he know that Hawaii would become his home where the land and its products would become an integral part of his family business.
During his first ten years living in Hawaii he spent 10 years living and working on a taro farm in Wainiha where he learned a new way of life and philosophy that still runs through him and his business today.
Uncle Mikey’s Dried Fruit started 14 years ago with the purpose of “supporting local farmers and providing a needed service that [he] felt really good about.”  Family owned and run, the company’s mission is to make you the best quality Hawaiian dried fruit possible with “No weird stuff added!”
Because Uncle Mikey works with local farmers on Kauai, the fruits featured in his medleys are often based on what’s in season.
When eating Uncle Mikey’s Dried Fruit, know that not only are you getting the next best thing to sitting under your aunty’s mango tree without having to come all the way to Kauai.
Uncle Mikey’s Dried Fruit can not only be found here in Hawaii but is also shipped to 39 countries around the world.  Find Uncle Mikey’s fruit in our Summer Love box or online on his site.  And, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The Fruits of Uncle Mikey’s Labor