If you could only smell this picture….

Smells are known to trigger memories and this flower is no exception. Pikake, also known as jasmine is a smell that is so distinct and enchanting that I always stop when I smell it and try to figure out where its coming from. Itʻs usually someone wearing a lei for their birthday.

But for me the smell of pikake always reminds me of weddings. Long draping leis of the dainty white flower are the perfect accessory to a wedding dress or the single strand wrapped around maile always makes the groom look extra handsome.

The picture above is known as double pikake, which to me means double the smelling power!  I am lucky enough to have it in my yard so sometimes the smell comes in from the window and not someone’s lei.

So don’t forget to always stop and smell the pikake…



The BEST smelling flower!