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Its that time of year for over eating, family time and sweater wearing (yes, even in Hawaii it gets a little chillier).

For me Thanksgiving also stands for the true purpose of the season. The season of giving–giving thanks, giving gifts, giving praise, and the list goes on…Its also during this time we get stressed out about finding the perfect gift for your husband, best friend, co-worker or even yourself (if you having that problem- I know a great gift subscription you can get for them *wink*wink).

We may be stressed about the many gifts we have to purchase but there are others out there that are stressed out about not being able to buy gifts at all. The Laulima Giving Program aims to help these families through Keiki O Ka Aina Family Learning Centers and our generosity.

For the second year in a row, my friend Malia came up with the awesome idea of instead of buying each other presents we would adopt a couple of families and buy them gifts instead! She organized a google doc with the specific gifts and all we have to do is sign up. To top it off, she is also hosting an ugly sweater Christmas party for us to bring our donated gifts to.

Let’s kick off this holiday season of GIVING with donating to the Laulima Giving Program!

Me ka hau’oli (with happiness),