For Mari, camping as a child with her family meant that they spent the day swimming and kayaking in the ocean and the evenings crabbing, playing cards and sleeping in tents in the backyard of a house on the North Shore of Oahu.

For this box we were inspired by Maui companies whose missions are dedicated to preserving our beautiful islands through the conservation of our environment so that we can continue to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the islands that we call home.

Venison Sticks:
Even if you never knew you were a fan of venison, Maui Nui Venison will win you over with their top of the line jerky sticks.  As an isolated set of ecosystems, our islands are vulnerable to a wide range of invasive species, including axis deer.  The team at Maui Nui Venison proudly supports mindful harvesting of axis deer as a means to balance the impact that the deer populations pose to Maui’s watersheds, agricultural and tourism industries, and biodiversity.  Take it from us the jerky goes perfectly on a hot day or even when accompanied with some cheese and crackers!

Maui Huilau Foundation is a non-profit who focuses on creating and maintaining a sustainable Maui by inspiring environmental literacy and leadership among their youth. The sporks found in your box originated as part of a social media campaign run by the students to encourage Maui’s youth to do their part in minimizing their use of single-use plastic by using reusable bamboo sporks in place of plastic utensils. Not only is your new spork perfect for your next camping trip but even for tomorrow’s bento at work.  Feel free to show your support for the student’s initiative by sharing your own commitment by using the hashtag #sporkitup on Instagram!

Camping Mug:

And last, but not least, whether you’re truly sitting on a beach “camping” or closing your eyes and pretending, we hope you’ll enjoy a quiet moment to find and ponder on your paradise with our exclusive enamel camping mugs, perfect for coffee, tea or even cocktails.

P.S. This box also has an extra surprise bonus item, get one for yourself and find out what it is! There are few left in our shop!

Summertime adventures: Camping with the whole family!