Superstition often believes that all things come in threes…

It’s a little eerie that at the moment there are many things that are pointing to the superstitious belief of threes. It’s something we always noticed but right now it’s everywhere and really got us wondering the origin of that theory. Does anyone know? Here are our current “three” happenings:

  • There are three hurricanes near Hawaii- Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena. Crossing our fingers that none of them hit us.
  • My Aloha Post will soon be offering three different services- subscription boxes,gift packages and special event favors.
  • We both have 3 siblings (including ourselves).
  • Hawaii is ranked 3rd in the nation for the worst traffic.
  • We usually share three pondering thoughts every week.
  • One half of My Aloha Post (Mari) is soon to be a party of three at the end of September. We celebrated her “bun in the oven” baby shower at Bread and Butter. The  awesome baby sign was made by Workshop 28.

P.S. Hoping this holiday weekend will be sun-filled so we can make sure to use our Little Hands sunscreen!

Pondering in Paradise: Triple Threat