Is it shave ice (or ice shave) or snow cone? Either way its DELICIOUS!

With summer around the corner and the past weekend was scorcher, we both treated ourselves to shave ice. We went to different places and it then started the shave ice debate– what is the BEST place to get this tasty refreshing treat? And what do you look for in a shave ice? Does the texture of the ice matter or the flavors of the syrup? Or does it matter where its located or will you drive any distance to get it?

We obviously couldn’t decide on one so here are our top picks:

Mari’s pondering:
Can’t go wrong with Waiola’s–my baseline for comparison of all shave ice spots. The ice is so fine it’s like eating snow, soft fluffy, delicious, flavored snow.
Your Kitchen. This little hole in the wall off 10th Palolo is known for their pork belly but you can’t leave without having their shave ice too. They make their own syrups–try the lilikoi.
Matusmoto Shave Ice probably the most iconic and well known shave ice place on the island. Its also a great place to stop and cool down after a long day at the beach.

Anuhea’s pondering:
Just recently discovered this neighborhood gem- Shimazu Store. Their shave ice is as big as your head and they offer over 70 different syrup flavors and if you like coconut try their haupia sauce topping.
Taiwanese Shave Ice at Aunty Ramen is my favorite dessert shave ice. You get to choose your own fruit and mochi toppings as well as the different flavored custards, then its covered in shave ice and topped off with their special brown sugar and condensed milk sauce.
Country Shave uses local and mostly organic ingredients for their special sauces and syrups, they also uses a man powered shave ice machine. Their flavors are always changing but if you get the chance try the lilikoi (passion fruit) with condensed milk topping.

What’s your shave ice go to?

Pondering in Paradise: Shave Ice Show Down