We know you just heard from us on Friday but here we are again! You know we all love a quick turnaround or instant response.

That got us thinking about how we all start to wonder what someone is thinking if they don’t respond to our email or text message in a timely manner. Is it just our need for instant gratification? We always hope for a quick response from a boss when working on a project and we also expect instant responses when making dinner plans with friends. Can response time be considered another form of non-verbal communication or are we just impatient? We can all agree that technology has changed this communication dynamic but we can also do our part in making sure that we don’t lose our patience to instant expectations.


Mari’s pondering:

  • A couple of weekends ago my husband and I took a drive and were shocked with the brand new “vintage” building that line the street. We’re all for progress but I sure hope they continue to preserve what makes some of our favorite places so special.
  • I don’t know if it’s the hot weather (it definitely is) but we definitely enjoyed the AC at the movies in Keolu this week. $5.75 for a movie ticket and $3.50 for popcorn? For two people you walk out paying less than you might for just two tickets and feeling like it was the 1990s again!
  • It’s so hot but I’m so into ramen right now. And I love the different ramen shops in the back of Shirokiya. I have plans to make homemade ramen with a ramen egg and found this video from one of my favorite Japanese food bloggers.

Anuhea’s pondering:

  • Spent Sunday afternoon at ‘Iolani Palace experiencing a reenactment of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. The Hawaii Ponoi Coalition puts on this production twice a year and its free! Its a worthwhile experience for everyone who lives in Hawaii.
  • I had the pleasure of being surrounded with so many smart and talented females over the Labor Day weekend, especially this Hilo girl, check out her awesome blog.
  • My parents are flying in from Kauai for the weekend and I cannot wait to take them to dinner at The Pig & The Lady and eat their Laotian fried chicken and homemade soft serve ice cream.
Pondering in Paradise: Quick Turnaround