She may have gotten first runner up (nice way of saying second place) but she really captured everyone’s hearts with her amazing dress and classy way of answering a very tough question. Maybe because we live in Hawaii and we all were hoping for her to win, the current topic of debate is whether the question was fair or an invasion of privacy:

“If the election were held tomorrow, would you vote Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president, and why would you choose one over the other?”

With the elections super close and with one of the presidential candidates being a previous owner of the pageant, the question seemed like it was perhaps trying to use it a platform for politics. Political choices and voting are a very personal matters and should not be something someone gets judged on or feels exploited by. What do you think?

Mari’s pondering:

  • What’s the best thing since sliced bread?  The Japanese take on a sandwich and it’s getting really popular! We tried this with Street Grindz but I’m looking forward to figuring out how to make my own rice ball sandwich (onigirazu).
  • I’ve been washing a lot of dishes lately with all the baby bottles we use in myhouse and am kindof obsessed with the AppleMintShop scrubbies we featured in last month’s box.  Did you get yours yet?  Spring isn’t over yet, still lots of time for cleaning!
  • Did you know the Hokulea is currently on a worldwide voyage and is in New York? Learn more about the ancient sailing canoe and its on going five year journey here.
Anuhea’s pondering:
  • My husband just got a new job and it got me to thinking how job hunting and applying has changed dramatically even since I finished college (in 2007). Gone are the days of Microsoft work template resumes. Say hello toEnhancv, your new modern resume.
  • Round towels are the new summer beach accessory! Thanks to mythoughtful younger brother I got a watermelon one as belated birthday gift.
  • I recently discovered my new favorite place to get a quick bite to eat-Palama Market, a Korean grocery store. I love getting all the different veggies and sides by weight but my favorite is their version of sushi with kimchee and meat inside.
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Pondering in Paradise: Miss Hawaii made us proud!