Lana’i: the most underrated Hawaiian Island.

This trip was our last stop in our “island hoppingmoon.” When we got married we decided to forgo a long getaway and instead spend extended weekends on each of the main Hawaiian Islands.

Lana’i was our last stop where we celebrated our one year anniversary and my birthday! We both have never visited the island before and had no idea what to expect.

Thanks to recommendations from a high school classmate and Lana’i native we got to see so many amazing sights and have a cooler to keep our beers cold. This island is full of treasures waiting to be discovered- empty beaches, hidden history, spectacular views and super friendly people.

If you are looking for a weekend of relaxation and off roading adventures, this island is for you. But make sure you wave at every car that you drive by even if you don’t know them.

– Anuhea

Lana’i pondering:


  • There are 2 well known resorts on the island (kind of sounds like “sore feasons”) but we decided that we wanted to experience the island and not spend our time drinking mai tais by a pool. So we stayed at a charming bed and breakfast in Lana’i City called Dreams Come True. And our dreams of the island did come true!
  • The only way to really see the whole island is to rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle, its only dirt/rock roads to get to all beaches except for Manele Bay.
  • In the center of the town there are few places to eat and two grocery stores but we ended up coming to Blue Ginger Cafe both nights we were there. They have a good variety of food to choose from and the prices are reasonable.
  • They don’t have Uber or Charley’s Taxi on Lana’i but they do have Rabaca’s Limo Service. It’s a flat $10 per person pick up and drop off fee anytime and anywhere on island. They were on time and the drivers were very hospitable.
  • Want to experience something out of this world? Garden of the Gods is the place for you, it feels like you are on Mars. The same bumpy road will also take you to a beautiful white sand beach.
  • Kaunolu, once the favored fishing village of Kamehameha the Great is now a historical sight with beautiful ocean views and small fishing huts owned by Lana’i families.
    P.S. Lana’i is also known as the Pineapple Island and speaking of pineapples, we have a limited number of super cute 🍍🍍🍍 Hawaii made gift pouches in our shop.
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