Pondering in Paradise


When home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

In the best possible sense…

I grew up on the island of Kaua’i and got to go “home” for Thanksgiving weekend. Although my physical house is exactly the same and Donna’s Cafe (my mom’s home cooking) is still my favorite place to eat, there were so many other changes happening in the town I grew up in. As a child growing up in Kilauea everyone went to the Farmers Market (small convenience store) to get a snack or a treat after sports practice, now that store is a gourmet beverage shop and a fancy wine bar.

I was more than happy to enjoy a nice glass of pinot noir with some cheese but couldn’t help to feel a little nostalgic about the old store. Not only stores are changing but now when I go to the beach I do not recognize a single person (maybe I am too old?). But I am also proud to say that the new change and growth has also helped a handful of my childhood friends become entrepreneurs with their own thriving businesses on the island (check out the last 4 pondering bullet points). So maybe its not the place, maybe its me– I guess I should officially call myself a townie (a person that lives in the Honolulu area and doesn’t leave often).

– Anuhea

Kaua’i pondering:

  • I used to buy ice cream and air head candies from this place but now its the Palate Wine Bar, click your heels and you definitely don’t feel like you are on Kaua’i anymore.
  • Although there are many changes on Kaua’i, this is one that hasn’t – Kintaro has been my family’s favorite for as long as I can remember. All meals start with complimentary wonton and flash poke. Most locals call this place “Kintaros.”
  • An old converted mail truck is now the new “home” for Green ‘Opihi‘s mobile store. Much like an ice cream truck you can wave it down and see what they have to offer.
  • Kilauea Noodle Company, a small family run business makes the freshest noodles on island, follow them on instagram to know when they will be making deliveries.
  • Most people think the best places to shop are on O’ahu but I beg to differ, for me, Mint and Sea is a must stop shop every trip home.
  • Kaua’i is a very family oriented island but there may be some nights when you want adult time, contact Kaua’i Babysitting Company and they got you covered!
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Pondering in Paradise: Hele on to Kaua’i