A half hour plane ride (from O’ahu) can take you to a place that feels like its half a world away.

In the best possible sense…

It’s so easy to get caught in the daily hustle and bustle of Honolulu city life or any city for that matter. Your daily routine filled with brand name conveniences, concrete buildings, toxic traffic and unfamiliar faces. Moloka’i is the complete opposite of all of those daily normalcies. They don’t have Starbucks but they do have Kanemitsu Bakery- home of the hot bread and the best french toast I have ever had. Buildings look like they are from old western movies and are shorter than coconut trees. The only traffic we experienced was a road block for their Festivals of Aloha parade. And now we totally understand why they call this place the “friendly isle” because we were greeted with a smile everywhere we went. But the true magic of the place is derived from their entrepreneur spirit and community loyalty. Everyone supports everyone.

Moloka’i pondering:

  • Fly on Mokulele Airlines, there is never a security line and they now offer earphones and music on flights. They even allow pets on board!
  • Rent a car from a local company so that you can blend in, we used Molokai Cars- affordable, reliable and locally owned.
  • First stop in town- Something For Everybody Molokai this is your one stop shop for unique local clothing and beach gear rentals. They are also the best and friendliest place for information on sights to see! Tell the owner, Wailani, I sent you 🙂
  • Enjoyed breakfast almost everyday at Kanemitsu Bakery, their french toast and fried rice are the best! A visit to Molokai is not complete without a late night visit to their hot bread window on their side alley. Cinnamon, butter and cream cheese will not disappoint!
  • On our way to Kalaupapa lookout and Phallic rock on the north end of the island we stopped for a treat at Moloka’i Coffee Plantation and drank a mocha mama.
  • The BEST thing about Molokai were the beautiful empty beaches…with no one in sight.


Pondering in Paradise: All ‘Ova Mo Betta Moloka’i