If you frequent the farmer’s markets on Oahu then you may be familiar with Ono Pops and their innovative flavored popsicles. Inspired by some of Hawaii’s favorite snacks, Ono Pops is taking Hawaii’s popsicle market by storm offering flavors such as Crackseed Lemon Peel, Butter Mochi, and Pickled Green Mango. But, Ono Pops isn’t just offering popsicles, they also offer another local favorite that we hold near and dear to our hearts–li hing mui powder.

Ono Pops started with the vision to contribute to a self-sustaining Hawaii, where people value local goods and the people who produce them.  They strive to bring awareness of sustainable, local possibilities to tastebuds and use fresh, natural, high quality ingredients to create innovative and creative flavors.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with li hing mui powder, it’s a salty, tangy and sweet flavor that we sprinkle on everything from candy, to popcorn to fruit–and even incorporate it into our local drinks.  (Margaritas anyone?)  Using plums fresh from Japan and Taiwan Ono Pos are“sharing one of Hawaii’s favorite snacks, without the cancer,” said owner Josh Lanthier-Welch.

“Hawaii has been enjoying Ling Hing powder for hundreds of years, way before artificial additives such as red dye and aspartame were created. We wanted to create a product that everyone can enjoy and feel confident is all natural.”

November’s box includes Ono Pops all natural li hing mui powder with one of our favorite items to sprinkle the powder on to–gummy bears.  Sprinkle a little into the bag and enjoy the taste of our childhoods.

Need more?  Luckily, Ono Pops sells their Li Hing Mui powder online!

Live in Hawaii?  Did you know that you can also subscribe to monthly packs of onopops?  Sold in 3, 6, or 12 months, you can pick up your favorite pops at the farmer’s market of your choice. (And then maybe dip them into your Li Hing Mui powder!)



Ono Pops offers more than Fresh, Local Popsicles
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