When Naturally Young at Heart’s owner/designer/seamstress/marketing manager/super mom- Giselle Santana was pregnant with her first daughter she refused to buy her anything pink and frilly and actually asked her friends and family if they could do the same. They all thought she just didn’t like pink but in actuality she “wanted to raise [her] daughter to be kind and free and not feel as though she needed to conform to society’s expectations. One way [she] felt [she] could help foster that was through clothing.”

So Giselle started her company with the hopes of making cute kids clothes that did not conform to social norms.  Ironically, but at the moment her oldest daughter’s favorite color is pink. This busy mom is always inspired by life in Hawaii and her family.

In fact, Naturally Young at Heart also spells- NYAH which is the name of her first daughter and motivational muse. This mom-trepreneur is also hoping to diversify into household goods such as cloth napkins, cloth reusable snack bags and cloth (paper) towels. We were happy to support the beginning of this endeavor by including her cloth napkin set into our New Beginnings box.

Instagram is the best place to find her products where she makes all of her announcements including the release of new products and sales. NYAH has a small web shop or can be contacted through email at She can also be found at brick and mortar shops such as Kira Hawaii in Mililani and Big Bad Wolf in Ward.




Mom designed, Kid approved: Naturally Young at Heart