When I was a kid, I remember looking forward to the end of the school year because not only did it mean the beginning of summer but it also meant, Hawaii.

It meant packing our bags, getting on a plane, spending all day at the beach and spending nights at my grandparents’ house in Manoa.

While my siblings and I grew up going to school on the mainland, we knew from our parents that Hawaii was where we were from and where we’d return home to every summer.

As an adult back on the island and having lived back and forth between Hawaii and the mainland all those years, I find that I can appreciate even more what can be sometimes taken for granted when you’re blessed to live in a beautiful place like Hawaii.

The taste of fresh mango and lychee picked off of a neighbors tree, licking sticky shave ice juice off the side of your arm as you race the inevitable sun melting the ice before you can eat it all, and soaking in the unforgettable sunsets that we have every 24 hours.

Each summer I would set out to find the newest items or the best things to bring back to the mainland to share with my friends.

And now, I’m so excited to have that opportunity every month, sharing with people who live here and who are away from home, the best products Hawaii has to offer sending a little bit of Hawaii to brighten your home every month.

Anu and I are getting ready for our inaugural boxes, and I hope you’re just as excited to see what’s in them as we have been to put them together for you.







Lucky We Live Hawaii