I love traveling and I was lucky enough to spend Christmas in New York with my fiancé’s family. I may have been wearing 3 layers of clothing and boots everyday but there were many things that reminded me of home, I even found a Hawaiian restaurant!

Here are some examples:



Food– Yes I am eating a pizza (King Umbertos) but much like Hawaii, New Yorkers enjoy food and family. On Christmas eve I enjoyed a special meal- Feast of the Seven Fishes and a large serving of loud conversations and laughter.


Beaches– I spent most of my time on Long Island, which is indeed an island and therefore has beaches. The beach was completely deserted and the wind chill off the water was freezing but on the bright side there were tons of shells!


Hawaiian food– We spent a couple of nights in “the city” (New York City) and got to try different bars and eateries. After we at a large meal we stumbled upon Onomea in the Williamsburg area and I couldn’t help but giggle at their signage. We didn’t eat there but it was nice to see a piece of home so far away!

Traveling always makes me appreciate home so much more…

Ma ka hau’oli (with happiness),


HI in NY