One of these is not like the other…or is it? Well they both have sun and Hawai’i? But one is cold and one is warm. One you can find everywhere but one you can find only at a certain place and time.

For me these are 2 of my favorite things- a stunning sunset at Hanalei and an ice cold Hawaiian Sun drink (passion orange is actually my favorite flavor but pass-o-guava was all I had left in my fridge after a baby shower with friends). The sunset and drink are both vivid reminders of childhood.

Growing up on Kauai I spent full days surfing with friends till dark out at Hanalei and never coming in for lunch. Once we had an uncle drop us pizza off the pier that we ate on our boards. As for the Hawaiian Sun drink, there was never a potluck, family party or beach day without one in someone’s cooler. In recent years its also been a staple remedy for hangovers, along with a bowl of saimin.

So cheers with the Hawaiian Sun (drink) to the Hawaiian sun (set)!

Me ka hau’oli (with happiness),


Hawaiian Sun