With only just two days left to subscribe to receive our January box, we can’t move on to start the new year without paying homage to our amazing partners featured in our December box!  If you’ve been following us on Instagram and Facebook then you likely saw our artist sneak peaks that we released leading up to the release of the box.  But, did you read more about each of our partners?

In December we wanted to help ease some of the holiday stress by sending you the perfect Hawaiian stocking stuffers, not only for yourself but also for you to share with someone else.


IMG_5029Inspired by natural movement, where 28 days brings a new month, a new season, and a new time, Workshop 28 owner Melodie’s goal is to be a part of the movement by contributing to ways in which she can collaborate with other artists as they evolve. As December brings a time that many of us see change in our own lives, as we reflect on the past year and prepare for the new one, we thought Melodie’s intricate snowflake ornaments would be perfect in this month’s box.

Read more about Melodie and Workshop 28 here.


IMG_5013My Manoa’s owners Wendy and Mike have a love for their neighborhood in
Manoa Valley that’s so strong it inspired the creation of their business, which sells eco-friendly and upcycled products. Indulge in their 100% natural eco-friendly Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap ideal for drawing out impurities from the skin and Green Tea and Lemon Soap that has a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. We love their soap but we especially love their packaging, who says a little coal in your stocking is a bad thing?


il_570xN.618985123_mjo7In the wake of a slow economy and lots of support from her husband, Jana Lam started her textile business in 2010 in a tiny apartment in Honolulu and is now slowly growing to be a household name. This month’s box features a variety of keychains designed by Jana Lam, whose experience living away in San Francisco for nearly ten years, as well as growing up in Nu’uanu are reflected in her designs. For those of you living away from Hawaii, we hope you can relate and appreciate the mixture of mainland and Hawaii experiences reflected in Jana’s designs.


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Box Reveal: Hawaiian Stocking Stuffers