As June rounds the corner, we can’t think of another Hawai’i treat more satisfying than shave ice.  The combination of something so simple and so sweet (ice and sugar), this sweet treat is a must when you’re here and goes with Hawai’i just as easily as Spam Musubi.  (In fact, if we were you, we’d eat a spam musubi first followed by shave ice!)

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That’s probably why we couldn’t help but to feature a shave ice themed Bradley and Lily notebook in our February boxes.  (While these are no longer in stock in our store, find other Bradley and Lily notebooks in our Lei Chic box in the shop!)



As an ode to this delicious summer treat that we’re sure that no matter how old you are, it doesn’t get old, here’s our top three favorite places for Shave Ice.

1.  Waiola’s Shave Ice: A classic, with their melt you in your mouth ice you just can’t go wrong.

2.  Shimazu: Piled so high that even if you’re an adult you can’t help but smile.

3. Your Kitchen: With their homemade syrups you may not want to try anywhere else once you’ve had their lilikoi syrup!


Where’s your favorite place to stop for shave ice?

Enjoy Summer with Hawaii’s Favorite Treats