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Hawaii Domestic Market (HDM) may seem like a small start-up company but the men of HDM Tyson and Reyn have a large vision that their sharing far and wide for their apparel, sticker and hat line.

“We started Hawaii Domestic Market with the intent of celebrating the idea of “Support Local Markets,” said Tyson.  ” The concept is to spread awareness of supporting ALL local markets from food, agriculture, clothing, multi-product lines, etc. HDM, is all about helping the little guys out and keeping Hawaii a thriving community that helps one another out.”

We stumbled upon HDM and their line of products several months ago and instantly fell in love with their designs as they captured Hawaii’s favorite experiences and incorporated them into their products.  It has only been a few months since they’ve hit our radar but since then, we’ve seen their artwork popping up on personal items high and low.

“We try to highlight everything Hawaii that we all know and love. Through our creative process, we combine pieces of Hawaii into one design that really showcase its beauty and mutli-cultural background. We want to trigger a memory that local people can relate to as well as highlight special moments about our islands to inspire others who appreciate what Hawaii has to offer.”

Both Tyson and Reyn grew up in Hawaii and their appreciation for their roots has had a major impact on who they’ve become.  “It has been a privilege to grow up celebrating multi-cultural traditions and cuisines,”  a common feeling shared by so many others who have experienced Hawaii.

“Just thinking about all the things we loved doing growing up like having potlucks at the beach, having family parties at your favorite aunties house, and getting to go beach/surf no matter where on the island you live is an awesome thing and I’m sure everyone can relate to any of those things.”

November’s My Aloha Post box featured sticker designs from HDM so that no matter where you are you can show your support for “the little guys” on your water bottle, car or computer and feel confident that you’re helping give back to the local community.

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Love showing your support for local markets?

Find more of Hawaii Domestic Market products online or on Facebook and Instagram: @hawaiidomesticmarket.  “Dont forget to tag us in all photos, we just might repost it and give shout outs!”

Located on island and need more of Hawaii Domestic Market right away?  Drop into your local We Hawaiian Island Creations, Island Snow or Buitgroove/Hi-Life.



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