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Ever feel that youʻre in need for a little girl time?  Or that when your days are so long all you want to do is draw a hot bath and pamper yourself?  Us too!

Thatʻs why, we teamed up with Honolulu Magazineʻs Lei Chic to create our premium Modern Indulgences box.  An opportunity to treat yourself to a little undivided me time.

Having spent time with Andrea from Zenziva before, joined by other women on Kailua Beach who were up for a spa day, we knew we had to bring the experience home to you so that you could enjoy her all natural chocolate body scrub in the comfort of your own homes.

“The chocolate body scrub was created as a body loving ritual. Something so indulgent and stimulating to the senses that it feels like a reward to take time out to give to your beautiful body some much needed gratitude and love,” says Andrea.

Having created “secret potions” out of common ingredients in her home since she was a child, it was only natural for her to start creating her own line of products.  “Upon arriving to Maui, I discovered very pure essential oils that are so healing, nurturing and beneficial to the skin. This precious plant medicine re-ignited my zest for alchemy through DIY products. I started making my own lip balms, masks, moisturizers, and scrubs.”

Interested in creating your own beach ritual? Hereʻs what Andrea recommends:

“This product was designed to inspire indulgent self love, self care, and to create luxurious moments in your life! Going to the beach either alone for sacred self time or for beach spa day fun with your friends is the ultimate experience.

Even just your bath tub can be turned into a beauty ceremony with a few lit candles, flower petals and essential oils.  This product features Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil, a rare gift, sourced from the Kona forest on Hawaii Island. Its benefits are ENDLESS!”

An indulgent person herself, Andreaʻs favorite way to indulge herself is to beautify on the beach with Zenziva while having a nice glass of champagne. “Small things like this are just as important as working hard, as there must be a beautiful balance of work and indulgence in our lives.  All we have is this perfect moment, why not make it into a magical dream! Small things make big changes in our lives, Indulging in the things that truly make you happy, especially the small ones are worth it!”

Need more of this scrub? Once youʻve used your supply from our Modern Indulgence box, find more of Andreaʻs products online.  You can also follow Zenziva on Facebook and Instagram.

A cleanse for your body and soul with Zenziva