IMG_4973Many of us have resolutions to do all sorts of things, to keep in touch with our loved ones, lose a few pounds, make career advancements or give back to the community.  This month, perhaps resolve to eat healthy while shopping local as you enjoy a delicious drink while perusing Mistee of Mistprint’s adorable hand printed cards for every occasion at her Bodhi Cafe.

“I’ve always had a love for doodling and the world of art goodness! Using doodles to create greeting cards for friends and family is how it all started about (and was a great reason to doodle away!). As I found myself coming up with more ideas for cards & prints (and with much encouragement from family & friends), I took a leap forward and created Mistprint”

Our first box of the month features Mistprints Maneki-Neko card and Anthurium Card. “Creating the Maneki Neko card was fun.  When I wanted to send my best wishes to a friend on their new endeavor and thought about meaningful symbols of “good luck”, the Japanese Maneki Neko easily came to mind!”


The red anthurium card, featured in our Grandma’s Goods box holds special meaning to Mistee who was inspired to create the design by her late grandma.  “My grandma made an amazing impact on many with her love, kindness and knowledge both at home and in her nursing career.  This variety of anthurium was named in her honor: Mildred Asato Kim,” says Mistee.
“When it comes to making Hawaii home for me, nothing beats family, friends and embracing the endless adventures and beauty Hawaii provides–from family gatherings to hiking amazing trails and volunteering/learning on our local farms, catching beautiful sunsets & spotting rainbows after the rain, there’s just too many reasons why “lucky we live Hawaii”!”
You can find Mistee and her handmade cards at Bodhi Cafe–where she can serve you up a healthy smoothy or all natural juice while you peruse her handmade cards.  You can also find her cards around town in Treehouse, Sugarcane, and Fighting Eel.
Hawaii Cards for Every Occasion