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According to Hawaiian dictionary the first definition of kāne is  n. Male, husband, male sweetheart, man; brother-in-law of a woman; male, masculine; to be a husband or brother-in-law of a woman–a definition that many of us are familiar with. But more than that, the deeper meaning to Kane, which inspired Kāne Clothing Co., refers to creation, life, and new beginnings.

The man behind Kāne Clothing Co. embodies all of the traits of a Hawaiian kāne just as his company embodies its mission to intrigue, innovate and inspire with their companies designs.  Owner and designer Jake Pacarro started his business as a hobby and a way to visually perpetuate the legacy of our kūpuna as well as inspire change through the promotion of positive messages.

One of Kāne Clothing Co.’s biggest inspirations is “the ocean that surrounds us makes Hawaiʻi unique, as it plays so many important roles in our lives. It provides sustenance, itʻs a place for healing, and itʻs a place for recreation.”  For Jake the ocean holds special memories such as ” catching [his] first wave, family camping trips, learning how to fish, and spending precious time with ones that we have lost. It will continue to be the place that [he] visits to rejuvenate, refresh, and refuel [his] spirit.” With popular designs that feature sayings such as “Aloha State of Mind” and “Salt Water Heals” and similar experiences in the ocean, we hope you can relate to the inspiration behind Jake’s designs.

A variety of Kāne Clothing Co.’s designs are featured in our March Wanderlust boxes. Want to wear something with a positive message and perpetuate the legacy of our kūpuna? Look for  Kāne Clothing Co. online at, on instagram//facebook//twitter @kaneclothingco or at these various retailers: The Modern Hotel Boutique in Waikīkī, Nā Mea Hawaiʻi in Ward and Global Village in Kailua, Oʻahu.

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