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If you live here in Hawaii, then By Chari may be a familiar name.  Char of By Chari is quickly becoming a household name for premium jewelry designs.  Her designs are both edgy and dainty and can already be found in stores across Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai and even in the mainland!

When we created the Lei Chic Modern Indulgence Box with Honolulu Magazine, we knew we had to include a little something that not only made you feel indulgent but also simple and pretty at the same time.  Thatʻs why Charʻs Waikiki Gold Filled necklace was the perfect match.

According to Char,  she “started making jewelry as a hobby and it blossomed into full time love.”  Drawing inspiration from everything around her,  “The Waikiki necklace is from a series of necklaces inspired by our surf breaks on Oahu.”

Having grown up on Jamaica, this island girl found her home in Hawaii after rediscovering her love for being in the water. “There is not better place than Hawaii to indulge in [the ocean]. I recently started surfing and couldn’t be more in love with the culture and people you meet on a daily basis.”

Looking for more ByChari pieces to add to your collection?  Find her products online and on Instagram.

Add a Little Sparkle with By Chari Jewelry