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Did you know that the Year of the Ram is known as a good year to clean out relationships that are no longer serving you purpose to make room for new, more meaningful ones in your life?  As we celebrate Chinese New Year this month, we wanted to do just that by starting a new relationship with a very special artist–Mariko from Beachcake Ceramics.

Having spotted her adorable beach themed ceramic pieces at an Art and Flea here in Hawaii, we knew we had to include her in this monthʻs box.  So, we asked her if she could create us a Ram or Sheep to help our My Aloha Post subscribers bring in the new year!  Mariko not only created an adorable sheep that we hope will make its home somewhere that keeps you smiling all year, but also allowed her creative juices to flow by creating a variety of details and designs.

Mariko, who also works as an independent graphic designer and illustrator, moonlights as a ceramic artist. “It’s so rewarding and refreshing to work in messy mediums like ceramics and screen printing, and to create whatever I dream up in my own head.”

After sharing a venture with a friend on Etsy, Mariko built the courage to start her own, now flourishing, side business on Etsy. With her favorite memories of Hawaii revolving around going to the beach “sand in my bathing suit, water up my nose, sunburns, tan lines, slippers, shave ice on the way home,” Mariko decided to create an ocean theme for Beachcake Ceramics. “I also like to incorporate other typically Hawaiian things like local fruits and cultural events, and even fantastical things like mermaids because it’s fun to be in a made up world sometimes.”

Love Beachcake Ceramics as much as we do?  Marikoʻs carefully crafted pieces can be found online as well as at Sugracane and Miemiko boutique stores here in Oahu.  For updates on what sheʻs creating next follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Celebrating the Year of the Ram with Beachcake Ceramics