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Sometimes it takes a little encouragement from the people in our lives who believe in us to start a new business venture.  Thatʻs what happened to Pomai, from Anchor my Love, who was encouraged to turn her passion of creating jewelry into an everyday business by her boyfriend.

“The inspiration behind Anchor my Love is to create and solidify memories. Each time that you look at your Anchor my Love piece [I hope] you are reminded of who gave it to you, where you got it from and what moment it represented. It is a nice reminder to anchor those fleeting moments in your life, says Pomai.

Pomai uses everything around her as inspiration, trying to translate what she sees and experiences into part of her designs. Born and raised here in Hawaii, Pomaiʻs recent adventure of hiking and camping in the Haleakala Crater reminds her of “how lucky [she is] to call this paradise [her] home. There is no other place in the world that [she] gets to catch the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets like Hawaii.”

Anchor my Loveʻs gold filled infinity earrings are featured in our February box.  The earrings matched perfectly with our theme for new beginnings, reminding us that thereʻs a continuous cycle of beginnings and endings in every new adventure we face.

Anchor my Love jewelry can be found in stores on Oahu such as Eden in Love Boutique in Ward and Magnolia in Kahala Mall.  Keep up with Pomai and her creations on Instagram @anchormylovehi.

An Anchor for Fleeting Moments: Anchor my Love