For those of you who have been to any of the Hawai’i islands, you know that each island has its own distinct features and character.  If you’re someone who loves the hustle and bustle of a city surrounded by paradise, you might find O’ahu appealing or if you prefer the quiet simplicity of an island full of lush green mountains and hiking to boot, than Kaua’i may be more fit for your taste.

But if you’re looking for something right in between, with a combination of a large city and the beauty to go with it than we’d suggest Maui the birthplace of  Maui Soap Company.  The company’s start was inspired by its birthplace, where the owners started making handmade soaps on a small farm in Keokea.

Surrounded by goats, chicken and horses in an upcountry setting, Robin was inspired to create something that was just as beautiful as the place that surrounded her.  They found a source of organic coconut oil, began experimenting, started at craft fairs and were soon selling their products at retailers throughout the islands.

“We love the dynamism, colorfulness, and being part of the Maui ohana,” says owner Robin.  Inspired by the colors and scents of Maui, Maui Soap Company strives to capture the beauty that surrounds them in each of their products for others to enjoy.  “It’s really a labor of love.”
From Awapuhi to Pikake, Plumeria and Hibiscus, you’re sure to find a scent to one of their soaps, lotions and various other body products that will remind you of Hawai’i every time you use it.  “Things are slower here and people take the time to care for each other.
We love sitting on the lanai playing the ukulele, taking in the nice ocean air and enjoying the simple things of life.”  We hope your day slows down just enough through the scent of the plumeria soaps featured in our May Day is Lei Day box.

Loved your soap and need more?  Visit the Maui Soap Company’s workshop in Kahului.  And, find them online and on Facebook.

Enjoy the Scents of Hawaii with Maui Soap Company