Once you have a connection with Hawai’i, there’s something that always draws you back. It’s like a loose thread on your favorite worn sweater.  You pull it and pull it and somehow no matter how long it gets you can still find the connection to wherever it came from.

Matsumoto Studio, owned by Jen and Jes Matsumoto, was inspired by the sister’s love for the same thing–design–and their similar feelings of homesickness for Hawaii while they were away during college. We found ourselves using art and design as our creative outlet and connection back to the place we adored so much, Hawaii,” says Jes.

The idea for a design studio developed over time and upon returning home to Maui, Matsumoto Studio was born.  All along, their Japanese heritage, family traditions and home in Hawai’i inspiring not only the creation of their studio but also the inspiration for their designs.  “Design has provided us a way to share with others what matters most to us and we look forward to continuing this journey through Matsumoto Studio.”

Peruse their Instagram Feed @matsumotostudio or their web site and you will find everything from note cards inspired by the ocean to Hawai’i’s favorite foods.  You’ll find Matsumoto Studio featured in April’s Box “For the Lucky Foodie” where they created the perfect set of recipe cards, featuring illustrations from their weekly Tasty Tuesday blog posts, for you to keep your favorite recipes safe.

“In Hawaii, we are not only surrounded by good food, but we love to share it too. This is one way we perpetuate our family traditions and culture and these moments continue to inspire our designs.”

The sisters now split their time between their home in Maui and the East and West coast.  But, when they’re at home the one weekly event that they adore are their Sunday dinners with family. “It is over these dinners that we share stories, memories and learn more about one another. With everything moving so fast around us, it is a special thing to gather in one place to talk story and enjoy a meal with each other. We think everyone can relate to these moments between those you care about and we are lucky to experience it again and again.”

If you love the Matsumoto sister’s designs just as much as we do (how can you not?!) then you can find more of their Hawaii inspired designs online.  Keep up to date with their newest products on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Jen and Jes of Matsumoto Studio