Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.58.50 PMThey say that the body changes after child birth; the size of your feet may grow or your hips. the food you once loved you can no longer stand; and sometimes even your own familiar body odor can change–a change that Mele of Mamalani experienced and motivated her into creating her company.

After trying baby powders on the market and discovering that many of the products have ingredients in them that are harmful to our bodies, Mele decided that with her background working in a Health Center and her family and cultural knowledge of Hawaiian plants that she could create something better.

Mamalani is founded on the idea of upholding the value of Mele’s ancestors by respecting the land and people.  With inspiration from her Grandmother, who used to powder her after showers with her own home-made blend, Mele has moved to create a line of products that are sold anywhere from hotel spas in Waikiki to Whole Foods and Down to Earth.

Use Mamalani’s all natural products, which contain a blend of organic and GMO-free Arrowroot Powder, Hawaiian Tumeric, and Organic Essential oils to powder your body, as dry shampoo, on your feet and on your sheets.

And, as you enjoy the scent of Mamalani powders feel inspired by Mele’s grandmother, Mama Lani, who always reminded her to treat others with ALOHA–a theme that is wound deeply into the foundation of her company, with each scent she creates named after one letter in ALOHA.

A variety of Mamalani powders are featured in our March Wanderlust Box.

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