Kevin-BaconEver played the game of six degrees of Kevin or thought about the theory of six degrees of separation? Well we in Hawai’i always joke that there are more like  two degrees of separation, or even one, given that everyone knows everyone!

The Hawaiian Chip  Company is much larger than most of the other featured partners in our My Aloha Post boxes but because of our little to no degrees of separation in Hawai’i, one of our founders has a close connection to the company.

Anuhea’s hula sister and husband own and run this local business. Anu’s hula sister, Kammy’s husband- Jimmy Chan is the mastermind behind all the flavors and cooking methods used to cook the island’s best taro and sweet potato chips. If you are lucky enough to visit their shop you can even pick up a bag of fresh out of the cooker, still warm, chips.

But if you are not so lucky, you can find their chips and the Kilauea Fire Hot Sauce featured in our Lucky Foodie Box on all major Hawaiian Islands and at popular stores such as Costco and Longs. You can also purchase good directly from their website:

KFH-5-2TWe love this sauce on grilled chicken and even eggs. We hope you enjoy the delicious kick of the Kilauea Fire Hot Sauce as much as we do. Please let us know what else you like to use the sauce on!



Crunchy, Crispy, Chips of Hawaiian Chip Company