Here at My Aloha Post we have a lot to celebrate this month including our first anniversary!

For us, no celebration is complete without a Haku Lei for the person or people that we are celebrating.  In fact, it has become somewhat of a tradition of Anuhea’s to create a haku lei for every occasion.  Using the ferns and flowers in her yard, she creates haku leis that brighten all of our celebrations.

As a part of our anniversary, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to show you how to create your own Haku Lei. DIY kits are included in our celebrations box.  And, you can watch the clip below to see the technique in action.



Here are tips from Anuhea, our Haku Lei making expert:

1) Practice makes perfect. It’s going to feel awkward at first and the flowers might not look the way you want them to but the more leis you make the better they will be.

2) You can make a haku out of anything- flower, leaf, stem, weed, fern or even moss. (As long as there is something you can wrap it too) You will eventually notice different plants and flowers in your yard or even your neighborhood.*

3) Making something is always better than buying! So it may not be perfect but it  will be unique, original and made with love, which in my opinion makes the best gifts.

*If you live somewhere without a lot of vegetation, check out your local grocery store for flowers.
DIY: How to Make a Haku Lei