This month we spent time in the city of sin, Las Vegas.  And as we walked downtown through what could easily be the “9th island” of Hawai’i, we realized that not only is it the abundance of Hawai’i people all in one place that makes it seem so much like you’re still on the island but also, it’s the availability of our favorite comfort foods.  You can bet that at any time of the night or day you can find yourself a bowl of Won Ton Min or Oxtail Soup and feel like you’re in the comfort of your local Zippy’s.

Just as much as the people we love grow to define who we are and where we’re from, the food we eat and meals we share with them are very much a part of defining Hawai’i and our melting pot of different cultures.

In April’s box, we share products that highlight one of Hawaii’s favorite ways to perpetuate our culture, food.  It’s what brings us all together and what reminds us of our favorite people or times in life.

This month’s box features Matsumoto Studio, Hawaiian Chip Company, Hawaiian Paradise Candies and a very special collaboration with Workshop 28 to create our Dice and Dine themed Hawaii ingredient dice set.

A few boxes are left and will be up on our site soon!  Also, stay tuned in the next few days as we feature our partners included in this month’s box.

Until next month!

April: A Box for the Lucky Foodie